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You’re in the right place if . . .

You are in peri/menopause and feel overwhelmed and frustrated with disruptive symptoms that are affecting your quality of life.

You've been told "everything is normal," but feel like you could feel better than you do.

You have tried eating healthy, exercising, and tending to your sleep and stress, but still feel like something is missing. Or you still need guidance and support in these areas and don’t know where to start.

You are ready to take action and invest in your self-care, because it means you'll be a better version of yourself and enable you to live the life you want.

You are tired of Googling your symptoms, and you want an expert to guide you in holistic medicine.

You are comfortable with online videos and technology, because you understand that learning continues outside the exam room

You are open to learning new ways of thinking and practicing new behaviors, because your brain and body are listening and will respond accordingly


Functional Medicine Membership

Our symptoms don’t appear overnight. Maybe you are heading into perimenopause or are post-menopausal and don’t like the changes you are experiencing. Or perhaps you’ve been curating dis-ease for years with triggers that you have ignored and symptoms you have pushed-through in order to fulfill obligations. These triggers can be things like hormonal imbalance, chronic stress, prescription medications, food sensitivities, nutrient depletions, psychological trauma, or toxin exposure.

Creating sustainable change, creating balance in our physiology, and achieving optimal health during a new stage of life takes time. Enrolling in Membership is the key, as it allows constant support in your healing journey with private appointments, classes, group support, and curated resources targeted to your needs. I require a minimum of 3 months of membership, and you can cancel anytime after this.

The goal is simple: to graduate from this personalized program with a clear action plan for resolution and maintenance.

Membership pricing is based on how much private appointment time is needed per month. This correlates well with your need for support vs ability to tackle interventions independently and your MSQ (Medical Symptoms Questionnaire) score. An MSQ score below 25 is considered normal (though we can still work on specific symptoms you would like to improve).

Those people with higher scores have more symptoms, and typically will require more intensive care. If you don’t know your score, you can download and print an MSQ calculator here.



One-time Case Registration Fee $497 for both Focus and Optimize tiers:

Portal account set-up

60 minute intake visit

Review of comprehensive intake forms

MSQ Assessment and Membership tier recommendation

Review of past conventional and functional labs

Conventional and functional lab test recommendations

Guest pass to Open Office Hours (one hour of group coaching and Q&A)

Personalized action plan for ongoing care


Ideal for those with MSQ > 70 and for women who are looking for an ongoing guide, coach and partner in their health journey for maximum support (minimum 3 month commitment)


(per month)

90 minutes of 1:1 visits/month (in increments of 60, 30 and/or 15 minutes)

Two 5-minute 1:1 ‘hot seat’ opportunities/month

Weekly Open Office Hours w/ Q&A

Wholesale pricing on all functional labs

Personalized lab review videos

Direct Portal Communication M-F

Access to private Facebook group

Pause and Reflect Journal

Access to Foundational Natural Hormone Reset course and workbooks

Free events in-person and online

Curated and targeted resources throughout care

25% Discount on all supplements

60% discount on a-la-carte appointments


Ideal for those with MSQ 25- 70 and for women who are self-motivated and can work through the course and their personalized wellness plan with more independence (minimum 3 month commitment)

(per month)

One 30 minute visit/month

One 5-minute 1:1 ‘hot seat’ opportunity/month

Weekly Open Office Hours w/ Q&A

Wholesale pricing on all functional labs.

Personalized lab review videos

Direct Portal Communication M-F

Access to private Facebook group

Access to Foundational Natural Hormone Reset course and workbooks

Free events in person and online

Curated and targeted resources throughout care

15% Discount on all supplements

60% discount on a-la-carte appointments


For those who have graduated and want ongoing group support, accountability and learning or for women who want group education and an introduction to functional wellness concepts

(per month)

Annual 30-minute check-in

1:1 ‘Hot seat’ opportunity (if available)

Weekly Open Office Hours w/ Q&A

Opportunity to ask questions on private Facebook Group

Access to private Facebook group

If graduated from higher tier, continued access to course and workbooks; if Sustain only, 25% discount on course

10% discount on all supplements

If graduated from higher tier, 40% discount discount on a-la-carte appointments

*Special introductory prices - good through 10/15/23
We accept a limited number of new patients each month



What is Functional Medicine?

As a functional healthcare provider, I see your body as a complex, interconnected system and look to discover and address the root causes of your symptoms to optimize your health. I do this by reviewing your in-depth intake forms, understanding your full history and current symptoms, utilizing targeted lab results, and then connecting the dots to make a personalized plan to decrease inflammation, improve hormonal and systemic balance, and build resilience throughout your body. Functional healthcare is a partnership between the provider and patient and you will get support via 1:1 visits and group coaching throughout your membership.  We’ll employ multiple strategies including education, mindset work, lifestyle and diet changes, stress reduction modalities, sleep and energy interventions, supplementation where needed and other personalized interventions.

How do I start working with Lyssa Jaye, FNP?

Excited to start?!  Wonderful!  Motivation is essential for success in any functional treatment plan.  However, the magic and synergy comes from our ability to partner together.  My style of teaching and delivery of medical care may not be a good fit for some people. 

This is why I request a 20-minute Strategy Session before enrolling you as a private patient.  The small fee for this phone call is donated to select local charities.

You can apply for a Strategy Session by filling out THIS FORM.

What do we treat at Positively Thriving?

The functional healthcare model - where we address root causes of imbalance and inflammation - can be helpful for most people going through peri/menopause, experiencing local or systemic symptoms, living with diagnoses of chronic conditions, or who are eager to do everything they can to prevent health challenges in the future.  These are the most common issues Lyssa Jaye, FNP addresses in her practice:

  • Peri/Menopause changes and symptoms (either with or without the use of bioidentical hormone replacement)
  • PMS and Menstrual Irregularities
  • Insomnia, fatigue and low energy
  • Stress and cortisol imbalances
  • GI dysfunction (constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating, heartburn, etc.)
  • Generalized anxiety, depression, or severe mood swings/irritability
  • Insulin resistance or pre-diabetes
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Adding layer of functional care for those being treated conventionally for hypothyroidism, autoimmune disorders, and type 2 diabetes
  • Reduce risks for cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s or other cognitive decline, autoimmune disorders, diabetes or other chronic conditions.

Who should work with Lyssa Jaye, FNP?

You would be a great fit for our Membership if:

  • You are ready to alleviate your symptoms and feel healthy, energetic, strong, balanced, calm, well-rested, and happy in your body.  
  • You are motivated to learn more about your body and implement impactful changes in diet, lifestyle, exercise, stress reduction, sleep and mindset to improve your health.
  • You look forward to participating regularly in both 1:1 in-person or Zoom meetings and group coaching sessions during weekly Open Office Hours.
  • You feel comfortable with online learning and are eager to utilize the ongoing educational resources provided throughout the Membership. 
  • You are ready to prioritize self-care
  • You understand that joining our Membership is an investment in yourself and that additional investments in functional testing and/or supplements may be recommended (knowing we always have your financial interests in mind and make only the most targeted, affordable recommendations for your situation). 
  • You are a California resident

How Important are Vitamins and Supplements During the Treatment Protocol?

I help you clarify exactly which vitamins or supplements you need (or don’t need).  While much of your treatment momentum can be gained with customized instructions on food sources and lifestyle changes, many people require temporary (or long term) supplementation based on their hormonal status, microbiome imbalances, unique genetic limitations, digestion inefficiencies, or micronutrient deficiencies.  In this case, I’ll provide you access to prescription quality supplements through my Fullscript dispensary where I have personally vetted companies that show the highest purity and 3rd party quality certification.

Since you are ordering them from my recommended prescription service, you will get discounted pricing.  Every case is different, but plan to budget $200-300 for the cost of supplements during the first few months of recovery.

Does Positively Thriving: Functional Wellness for Women accept Insurance/MediCal/MediCare?


Positively Thriving is an “insurance-free” zone!  This gives the greatest liberty to choose your best path to wellness without the restraint of red tape.  There are no surprises, hidden costs, or worries about what might not be covered.  All prices are transparent. 

Many patients use their flex plan or HSA account to pay for services with me.  I will provide a properly coded ICD-10 visit worksheet and itemized bill so you can submit this for reimbursement.

Can I Designate Lyssa Jaye, FNP as my Primary Care Provider?


Your healthcare is a team effort, and Functional Medicine plays a different position on this “team.”  My mission is to educate you on your body’s signals and help you reach your goals as an ongoing consultant.  Typical results are achieved from 3-6 months of dedicated collaboration.

I require that all patients retain a primary care provider to handle ordering of important screening tests (like mammograms, pap smears, colonoscopies, etc).  As a consultant, I do not provide urgent/same-day care that might require immediate assistance or hospitalization.  If permitted, I’ll happily communicate our findings to your PCP to provide a seamless approach to your overall healthcare.

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