Transform Your Health

Overcome your unique hormonal challenges and improve your quality of life


Proven Strategies to Guide You on Your Health and Wellness Journey

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Transform Your Health

Overcome your unique hormonal challenges and improve your quality of life

Proven Strategies to Guide You on Your Health and Wellness Journey

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Meet the Practitioner

Lyssa Jaye is honored to work with women as a partner in their healthcare journey. Lyssa has over 17 years of experience as a registered nurse, board certified family nurse practitioner and functional nutrition and health practitioner- all with a focus on women’s health. With her understanding of both conventional and functional modalities, specialized testing, and ways to discover and address imbalances that are at the root of most health conditions, Lyssa is able to provide personalized, effective care to each woman she sees.

Lyssa lives in Orinda, CA and has offices in Oakland and Marin County; she also sees patients via telehealth. She is passionate about social justice, equity in healthcare, and is a strong advocate for making functional healthcare accessible to all.

Guiding Philosophy

Lyssa understands that true health is so much more than the absence of illness. It is feeling strong, sleeping well, nourishing your body with beneficial foods and thoughts; it is balance and happiness, peace of mind, and the ability and desire to engage with work, friends and family. It is living in a body that feels right, that takes you where you want to go and allows you to do what you want to do.

Wellness is knowing that from the inside out, your cells, organs, hormones, and systems are functioning optimally. It is aging well, building resilience, maintaining energy, and knowing how to prevent or mitigate future health problems. It is meeting the inevitable challenges and stressors of life with grace and confidence. It is knowing when to ask for help and allowing others to support you. Achieving and maintaining optimal health is a lifelong endeavor, and it is not easy! And, it’s one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.

To learn more about how you can achieve this level of optimal wellness, contact us for a 20 minute strategy session. Currently accepting a limited number of new patients, so sign up now!


Making Waves: Creating Ripple Effects That Can Change the World

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Transform Your Health With Functional
Healthcare That Works For You


Learn how your body works, why you have the symptoms and challenges you do, and what you can do to restore balance and create life-long wellness through our self-paced, in-depth online course ‘Natural Hormone Reset - Your 8-Week Journey to Optimal Health’.


Enjoy personalized care and a like-minded community of women dealing with similar health challenges.

Studies show that a functional health model is more effective when one-on-one care is combined with community learning and engagement.

Guidance and Support

Partner with a clinician who will take time to know you and your history and will assess and address your gut health, exposures, hormone balance, cell and organ health, circadian rhythm, diet, stress management and more with a personalized plan of care and ongoing support and guidance.


We understand that choosing the right provider is a crucial decision in your healthcare journey. We are happy to offer a 20 minute strategy session to see if our practice is a good fit for you. You will learn how targeted, personalized changes and interventions can facilitate radical health transformations and how working with Lyssa Jaye, FNP can help. Whether you need a complete health overhaul or want to work on specific challenges and symptoms, Positively Thriving has you covered! We are currently accepting a limited number of patients, so please sign up now for your 20 minute strategy session.


of women report  peri/menopause  symptoms interfere with their lives


of women who seek help for  peri/menopause symptoms don’t receive it


is the average length of a primary care visit


of women don’t recognize symptoms  of hormonal imbalance

At Positively Thriving - We Do Things Differently


Would you be surprised to learn that 72% of women don’t recognize symptoms of hormonal imbalance until after they are diagnosed by a medical professional? (NY Post 2019)

If you have any of these symptoms, you may have a hormonal imbalance:

Working with Positively Thriving can help you restore hormone balance and feel like yourself again.


Positively Thriving: Functional Wellness for women is a unique and proven partner in healthcare. We offer courses, group coaching, one-on-one personalized care and ongoing support and guidance to women like you who are motivated to transform their health. Our proprietary ‘Thriving You’ program utilizes the best of conventional and functional medicine, targeted testing, and an in-depth intake process that allows us to assess and address the root causes of your health challenges. If you are ready to start your journey to optimal health - contact us now for a 20 minute strategy session.

Phone number: 925-317-1766

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